The Stragglers

Straggle : verb (used without object), strag·gled, strag·gling.

– to stray from the road, course, or line of march.
– to wander about in a scattered fashion; ramble.
– to spread or be spread in a scattered fashion or at irregular intervals: The trees straggle over the countryside.

The Stragglers is a collection a tracks that are completely self produced, written and finished with no real project to call home or attach themselves to. Ideas that stood out alone, capturing and mostly expressing a comedic, shock value seeking side of my personality. Using exaggerated witty lyrical content coupled with wildly strange sampled beats to paint a mocked picture of my life in London during 2009 – 2016.

Some of these tracks also express a variety of deep routed emotional and psychological issues from both myself and the people around me. Spanning over the last 10 years with a clear depiction of the quality of production level and how it has developed.