Audio / Music / Writing

These three simple words are the individual building blocks, critical to forming the foundations for any creative project. When fused together though, these can be used to describe the passion projects that have been constructed by Green Productions.

Through out the site you’ll find examples of Audio Engineering: with a specialisation in vocal recording, editing and manipulation. Music Production: the development and construction of several pop music Albums and EP’s (all available on Apple Music) and Creative Writing: several self published short works of science fiction and human psychology (available on both Kindle and Audible).

Write / Record / Mix / Repeat

Audio Engineering, Music Production and Creative Writing. All uniquely intricate creative disciplines. We can break these down further to fully understand their concepts:

Audio Engineering: involves the scientific, aesthetic, and technological aspects of manipulating, recording, and reproducing audio. It’s the process of applying electronic, digital, acoustic, and electrical principles to the recording and production of music, voices, and sound

Music Production: the process by which music is created, captured, manipulated, and preserved so that it can be distributed and enjoyed.

Creative Writing: writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention (often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing).

All these projects are available to buy via Audible, iTunes and Kindle. These can also be accessed via Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram and Spotify. As time moves forward the need for content increases, especially when it comes to marketing, instagram and YouTube. Adding to this list of passion projects are now Videography and Video Editing with several music video productions and corporate event video’s.

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Acoustic Treatment
Retro Dissonant
Borderline: EP
Hate Being Right: EP
Last Picture


The Dissonant Collection
The Coconut House

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